Green Hydrogen Production Plant Constructions

As the world moves toward net-zero energy solutions, hydrogen can supply the energy our communities and economies need to thrive and prosper. Carbyne Energy Technologies expertise helps clients determine the right technologies and execution solutions for the production, storage and transportation of all types of hydrogen.

Hydrogen production from electrolysis is quickly growing in popularity due to its advantages over traditional methods. Carbon-free energy, such as wind and solar, powers the electrolysis. Fluor has designed and integrated electrolysis facilities around the world. Carbyne Energy Technologies experts advise clients on the technologies best suited to meet their goals based on operating and capital expenditure characteristics.

Hydrogen transportation has several special considerations, including specialty compressors and stations as well as corrosion. Carbyne Energy Technologies addresses these considerations by combining extensive expertise at hydrogen compression with metallurgy and significant experience in midstream compressor station and pipeline projects. Several types of green hydrogen carrier molecules, including green ammonia, may prove to increase the practicality of hydrogen storage and large-scale transportation.

Carbyne Energy Technologies combination of experience in hydrogen production systems, carbon capture, system integration and supporting system design delivers hydrogen projects with cost and schedule certainty.